Chemical Control Specialist (5807-292)

As chemical control specialist you support the strategic goals of IFF and GRA for compliance with Chemical Legislation as it develops in the US, Latin-America and other such legislations around the world with similar requirements and restrictions to ensure the continued marketing of fragrance ingredients and compounds and minimize product withdrawals and reformulations.
Your main goal is to support the registrations of substances on various chemical inventories and assist in the creation and maintenance of new standard operating procedures. You will work in close cooperation with your supervisor and communicate frequently with colleagues from many other departments. You will act as the interface between IFF experts (toxicology, R&D, Hazard Communications) other industry members and authorities.
Required Skills
Excellent computer skills. The ability to develop and manage databases in e.g. excel, access, SAP.
Proficiency in compiling information from a variety of sources, analyzing data and summarizing results.
Good communication skills. Fluent in English and preferably Spanish and Portuguese.
Adaptable to change, innovative thinking, result orientated and problem solving
Enjoys working in a busy fluid international business environment.
Required Experience
Experience in a regulatory environment is a must and at least a Bachelor's of Science degree preferably in organic chemistry, biochemistry or comparable field is an advantage.
Experience with notifications of chemicals is a strong benefit.

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